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End to End ECommerce Distribution

We provide complete solution to launch your product online.

We solve one of the greatest hurdles that most companies face - establishing themselves in a different country online. We solve it by ensuring your brand is distributed within our partner channels simultaniously to ensure the highest exposure within shortest time.

We are big enough to help you get there, but just bite-sized enough to care about you, too.

Case Study: MARICO

We are honoured to be instrumental in their growth of e-commerce

More Exposure

With digital presence taking over offline presence we have seen a significant growth in their online sales volume since 2017.

Brand Availability

The ease of access for over 2 crore individuals who has got access to internet has increased their overall revenue by a significant number.

One Point of Contact

With our established network of platforms we have managed to ensure a single point of contact for brand management accross all major platform, ideally lowering their man-hours needed on the project.


Services Offered

We help you increase your total growth by introducing a completely new channel and stream of your revenue by adding online to your portfolio.

We are partnered with all related platforms to ensure your product has presence in all major platforms that would help you get the highest exposure online and generate reveneue

We help your sales by taking care of the logistics of stock lifting and delivery to the required partner platforms / customers.

We help you procure payments from the platforms and customers

A quick brief of insight that would help you understand your growth and potential generated as per your requirements - either fortnightly or monthly - which would help you take the next logical step

As your online distribution partner we thrive when your business grows. Our experts in the field would guide you to ensure you get the growth that your brand deserves in the shortest span.

At a Glance

Our strength is in numbers


Platform Partners

We are present in all major and most small platforms to help you launch your product online.


Employees on the field

We help with physical distribution as well with the help of 148 brilliant individuals that we have on field.


Relevant Shops

Currently we have exposure to 2,256 shops directly - a number that's increasing exponentially.

We believe in results oriented growth that impacts your brand recognition nation-wide in Bangladesh and generate the required buzz that affects both online and offline sales

Our Partner Brands

We are proud to represent the brands that are currently within our belt

How we do what we do

We have devised a strategy that helps us make the best of the both worlds and create an impact

An integrated approach

While the fragmented distribution market of Bangladesh has its flaws, we have devised an integrated appraoch to amass the offline and digital strategies together to help you launch your products.

With 148 sales team deployed and excellent trade relations to over 2,000 shops we have become pioneer in creating a mixed approach to distribution in Bangladesh

Online Reach


Offline Reach


Target Group Exposure


Platform Partners

How we can help you


Market Penetration

We help you to put your brand across all available channels and increase exposure through and through.


Planning & Implementation

Once you're under our belt, we ensure the highest growth of your product and sales along with offline sales at no upfront cost to you.


Report & Insights

We act as the intermediatary and help you understand at a glance how your products are performing and take the next step.

Get in touch

Let us help you take the next step forward

Our Contacts


56/B Road 132 Gulshan 1 Dhaka





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